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COVID-19 Pandemic In Bangladesh

The Novel Coronavirus causes COVID-19 disease which has gone pandemic in Bangladesh. This article describes the real situation of Bangladesh.

COVID-19 Condition in Bangladesh

The first Coronavirus case was detected on 7 March and it was ensured by testing. IEDCR first declared it at the press conference on the next day. Institute of epidemiology disease control and research (IEDCR) has provided some hotline numbers to contact them if anyone finds them, Covid 19 suspect. On the other hand, IEDCR is also working for increasing public awareness.

On 8 March, the director of IEDCR announced the existence of nCov 2019 in Bangladesh. They found 3 (two males & 1 female) Covid-19 positive patients. The country’s condition between 8 march to 16 March was awful and at tension. Finally, on 16 March, the IEDRC declared that they have found another 3 positive cases (one female and two children).

Meanwhile, on 17 March, two more patients were diagnosed with Covid-19 positive which were found to be family transmitted.

Most importantly all the previous cases were Imported transmission but this case signals us the local transmission.

On 18 March, Bangladesh reported the first death of the Covid 19 patient. He died at the age of 70 and he was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, COPD. The Govt of Bangladesh closed all the educational institutions on this day to stop the spreading of the virus.

First Lockdown

First Lockdown takes place at Shibchar, Madaripur district. Madaripur has a lot of immigrants. Madaripur had about 300+ (unofficial), quarantined people.

Govt has found an increased rate of covid-19 day by day. The tension of pandemic rises.

The government is considering recruiting doctors and nurses who treated coronavirus infected patients in China. The health minister informed at a press briefing that China has offered help by providing masks, testing kits, and other necessary materials.

On 23 March, IEDCR Confirms 3 more COVID-19 positive cases. But it is a matter of sorrow that they are doctors and nurses of Delta hospital. And they had received the first Covid-19 case of our country.

Till 24 March, we have 39 confirmed cases with 50 isolations. This shows the pandemic condition is getting worse day by day. So Bangladesh Govt has declared a common holiday for all govt or non-govt offices from 26 March to 4 April. public transports including bus and train are off during this session. Total death case 4 and Total numbers of recovered patients are 5.

However, the govt of Bangladesh is trying to supply the essential facilities to hospitals and doctors. Recently WHO (World health organization) has proposed to lock down the whole country to prevent the upcoming pandemic condition. We are in lack of masks, sanitizer, and testing kit but the Govt has taken steps to solve the problem and China has offered to send some of these.

Hotline numbers:

If anyone finds Covid 19 symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat and breathing problem, Please contact with these IEDCR hotline numbers to get the proper care:


stay at home and stay safe

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