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Coronavirus Helpline Bangladesh: All the Numbers You Need

Coronavirus Helpline Bangladesh: All the Numbers You Need

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Bangladesh, we all are following social distance and home quarantine. As a result, we have to stay at our home to stay safe. Thus provided coronavirus helpline Bangladesh, all the numbers you need.

Thus The Govt and Some private organizations have opened many Helpline numbers. They provide us emergency help and information. In addition, It is an appropriate decision to open coronavirus helpline in Bangladesh to provide actual support.

In this article, we have tried to provide all the helpline numbers that are essential for us to know. We don’t know when and where we will face an emergency. So we all should collect and save these numbers for the emergency moment.

Coronavirus Helpline Bangladesh

333 – National Call center

333 is the National Call center. They provide humanitarian assistance and food to the needy. Therefore The citizens of our country can access this helpline anytime. This service is available in all the districts.

In this emergency situation in Bangladesh, We should feel free to contact them. In addition, We can connect to them if we need any food help. The service was launched on April 5.

16263 – Medical Assistance

The Coronavirus Pandemic arises a lot of anxiety in our society. As a result, many of our people are suffering from many mild diseases, but they do not dare to come out. however, We may stay safe from Coronavirus by staying home. So the Govt has opened a hotline to provide online medical assistance called “sastho Batayon”

If anyone feels any physical disturbance then he can contact 16263 to take suggestion from the specialists.

simillarly Another specialist HealthLine number is 09611677777.

10655 – IEEDCR

IEEDCR’s common old hotline number is 10655. So you can call here for any query. But if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 you should dial to these numbers mentioned below:

  • 01401184551
  • 01401184554
  • 01401184555
  • 01401184556
  • 01401184559
  • 01401184560
  • 01401184563
  • 01401184568
  • 01927711784
  • 01927711785
  • 01937000011
  • 01937110011

01944333222 is also a helpline of IEEDCR. If you dial this number they will connect you to the available agent quickly.This is the fastest way to contact.

999 – National Emergency Service

999 is a toll-free 24/7 national emergency service. Their service is promising in case of an emergency. Usually, they are associated with Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Fire-service and emergency ambulance service.

Our country is having a lockdown state. Many of our localities are locked down. So this emergency number may provide help to us in our emergency situation.

Coronavirus Test Centers Helpline

  1. IEEDCR- 029898796.
  2. Public Health Institute- 028821361.
  3. Child Health Research Foundation- 0248110117.
  4. Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases- 0312780426.
  5. ICDDRB- 09666771100.
  6. Institute for Developing Science and Health Initiatives- 01793163304.
  7. National Institute of Laboratory Medicine- 029139817.
  8. Rangpur Medical College- 052163388.
  9. Rajshahi Medical College-0721772150.
  10. Dhaka Medical College- 0255165088.
  11. Mymensingh Medical College- 09166063.
  12. MAG Osmani Medical College-09166063.
  13. Khulna Medical College- 041760350.
  14. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College- 04312173547.
  15. Cox’s Bazar Medical College- 01821431144.
  16. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology- 01769016616.
  17. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University- 01866637482.

Thus any of vaccines haven’t been invented yet. It is better to prevent the disease. We should maintain personal hygiene. In addition, it is better to spread information about preventing it.

To get more information and realtime update on Coronavirus You may visit the govt website “Corona-info“.

Zenextit is working continuously to provide important information. You may visit the Coronavirus pandemic in Bangladesh to get more information if you are really interested. In addition, we also have an informative article on Coronavirus and COVID 19: All the Things We Have to Know. Stay home, stay safe. And keep updated with the latest information.



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