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Google Nest Wifi router-Gadget of your smart home

Google Nest Wifi router-Gadget of your smart home

Google nest Wifi is a product of google launched in 2014. The nest wifi router is capable of mesh networking. Which ensures the consistency of wifi signal with high-speed internet.

Google Nest Wifi- Wireless router

The google nest wifi router consists of a router and point. It is popular because The nest wifi can cover a large area. Previously google wifi covered about 1800 sq ft. but the nest wifi router will provide coverage of 2200 sq ft, more than enough to most homes.

its coverage can be changed due to various interference. This router delivers a fast wireless connection with mesh networking.

The mesh network connects to every device individually so that you can count the connected devices easily. in addition, it ensures high-speed data flow.

Features of google nest wifi router

  • Works with previous google wifi version. So you can make a combination of them. No need to recycle the previous router.
  • 2200 sq ft coverage.
  • WPA3 encryption support.
  • Consistency in network supply and provides a strong signal.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Built-in sound system.
  • Google assistant.

Besides these features of the nest wifi router, it should be mentioned that it has a built-in sound system. So you need not set up a separate sound system in your room. You can play music on this device.

in addition, it is provided with google assistant. Through the use of it, you can make the smartest use of your router. Think of it you are getting answers from your router after questioning it.

The Google Nest Wifi router is a gadget of your dream smart home.

Why you should use Google wifi?

google wifi uses mesh networking. And all the traditional routers use wifi. The mesh networking is a centralized networking system that allows users to access multiple points.

But the traditional routers allow all the traffics into a single access point. Which slows down the data management and supply. Mesh systems are a complete replacement of your home wifi.

Built-in speaker with google assistant. Easy to set up and easy to manage. Supports Google hub.

Google hub is the platform from there you can manage all your devices at one display home or with your voice.

Cons of Google nest wifi router

  • No anti-malware tools.
  • No USB port.
  • Advanced settings require a separate app.

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