How to Create An Invoice In Your Paypal Account For Free

An Easy Step By Step Guide

Paypal invoice is a smart way for online transactions within your Paypal account. It makes your billing system simpler. You can stay organized, and it comes with a lot of creative templates! You don’t necessarily need an invoicing software. You can create an invoice from any device in minutes!

You can share your invoice through your email or by sharing the URL of the invoice. Your client will then see the invoice information and safely pay you with their debit card or credit card or Paypal or Paypal card. Your client will choose a payment method and then voila!  You get your money in minutes! So the question is how to create an invoice in your PayPal account for free.

How to create an invoice in your PayPal account for free and manage it: steps

  • Click on the invoice tool on your Paypal account.
  • Use a basic invoice template in MS Word or use the free template generator of the Paypal website/app.
  • Make your invoice and share it! Or save it as a draft!
  • When you send an invoice, both you and your client will receive a notification! The invoice status will appear as ‘sent.’ The client will see an online payment button on the invoice. 
  • You can also schedule your invoice by ID no. to send it on a specific date!
  • You can generate a quick response, aka the QR code as a PNG file. For creating the QR code, include the invoice number in the generate QR code URL box. You can add it to both paper and PDF forms of the invoice.
  • The client can scan the QR code with his/her mobile phone and will be automatically redirected to the Paypal payment option in the app.
  • Send invoice reminders to remind the client to pay for a particular invoice!
  • Update your invoice!  But you and the client both will get a notification when you update your invoices. You can disable these notifications in the settings.
  • You can mark a specific invoice as paid
  • You can add a refund option in case anything goes wrong
  • You can mark the refunded invoices, too, as refunded.
  • View your invoice information and manage them, such as listing your invoices, search for a particular invoice, view invoice details, etc.
  • You can delete unnecessary draft invoices and cancel sent invoices too!

Invoice templates: how to use them

Paypal invoice templates come in to make your life easier! You can add your brand or business logo, contact info, and other custom fields, and you can save them and access them any time!

There are hundreds of free templates available on the Paypal website according to your needs, and the good news is they are free! Here’s how to use them-

  • Upload your company logo and your basic business info
  • Upload your contact info, i.e., your cell phone number, your email address, your company’s name, and website, etc.
  • Upload your client’s info, i.e., his/her cell phone number, email address, and mailing address.
  • Add a meaningful and straightforward template number, which is easy to remember. It’s best practice to put meaningful invoice numbers that don’t look like gibberish.
  • Add invoice date as in the day you are sending out the invoice.
  • Itemize your invoice by adding service details, service date, description,
  • billing rate, notes, terms, and conditions, etc. Try to be as much clarity and precision as possible while filling out this info, or it may lead to confusion. Make sure you mention your terms for late or early payment. 
  • Take a quick preview of the invoice, so check if everything is alright or not.
  • Send it!
  • And get paid! You can connect your Paypal to your bank account, and the money will be deposited in your bank in-time!

Quick tips!

You can save invoice templates, items, and contact info for quick entry. Paypal allows you to send invoices up to one thousand contacts at once. You can also track status, view history, and set reminders for unpaid invoices! There is also an option to accept partial payments or activate tipping!

That is how you can open an invoice in your PayPal account for free and receive payments from more than two hundred markets around the world. You can send your invoices anytime and from anywhere with the PayPal Business app!  Have a happy Paypal experience!


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