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Well, we first need to know about PLC programming. Let’s go for more. So, we need to know What is PLC?  It means a Programmable logic controller. It is an industrial and digital computer that generally use to control machines in the industry. When a program is downloaded and placed the PLC to run mode, this allows the CPU to start executing the plan. Moreover, during the performance, the controller reads the input connected. The main component of PLC included input, output, power supply, CPU, and a peripheral device.

So, it is a matter of fact to know, how to learn PLC programming? If someone follows the proper instruction, then he can learn PLC programming quickly. Moreover, if you want to learn PLC programming, you can join in PLC training course. The PLC is used for industrial automation, industrial electromechanical processes.

PLC Programming Language

There are five PLC programming languages in the world which are all parts of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC). Moreover, this IEC standard allows someplace rules that prove PLC language the five most popular programming languages. Such as,

  1. Ladder Diagram (LD),
  2. Function Block diagram (FBD),
  3. Sequential Function Charts (SFC),
  4. Instruction List (IL),
  5. Structured Text (ST).

1. Ladder Diagram (LD):

Ladder Diagram utilizes internal logic to replace all, except physical devices. And, that need is an electrical signal to active them. Ladder Diagram was originally modeled from relay-logic which used physical methods, like a switch and mechanical relays to control processes.

So, that presents the electrical connection on relay-logic schematics. The Ladder Diagram does most of the PLC program because the level allows us to be organized. And it is straightforward to follow. It supports online editing successfully.

2. Function Block Diagram (FBD):

Function Block Diagram (FBD) which is also a descriptive type of language the FBD recite a function between input and output that are connected in barrier by connection lines. Function Block Diagram (FBD) was raised to make a system so that someone can set up many repeatable and everyday tasks like timers, counters, and others.

3. Sequential Function Chart (SFC):

Sequential Function Chart (SFC) use steps and transfer to achieve results. Moreover, this language act as a significant function in the program. These steps house the activities that occur when the application is made. Therefore, the decisions may base on timing, a physical state of equipment, or a particular stage of the process. The process will break into the main steps, and that can make troubleshooting more comfortable and faster.

4. Instruction List (IL):

Instruction List (IL) is also a textual base language. Moreover, this language answer assembly language. When this language becomes used as programming, then memorial codes are used such as LD, OR, etc. The instruction list contains instructions with every instruction on a new line with any comments. Instruction List (IL) is valuable for application which needs code that is compact and time-critical.

5. Structured Text (ST):

Structured Text (ST) language is a textual based it is a high-level language that is Pascal, Basic, and ‘’C’’. It can fulfill difficult tasks to improve mathematical and algorithms functions along with the reputational tasks. However, this code uses statements that are separated by semicolons and then either input or output.

Writing the PLC Program

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer used in industrial controlling and electromechanical processes for industrial automation. There is the various language of writing PLC program common language is Ladder Logic, which involves a set of the land of action to use in Programmable Logic Controller.

Moreover, this action plays an essential role in control systems and updating old circuits. These ladders in the PLC Program have been more simplex with the improvement of industrial automation. And are often used in combination with their tools and computers to find the best method to complete the task.

How to Learn PLC Program

Learning the PLC program is a combination of various functions that are required to process an automated task. PLC programs create and need to be download to the CPU.The PLC some of the work of using program enlist handheld and PC based devices. In the programming device systems and ownership,the device will connect to PLC through a communication cable.

These devices consist of a small display to make the instruction. And, that program visible these are easy and compact. Shortly two functions are the necessary thing to learn PLC program. Thus, such as ordinarily open and usually close because every load needs to start and stop.


Programmable Logic Controller is the main component in the industrial automation and control system. If someone wants to make a program, first of all, analyze and get the idea of a control application. However, open and configure the PLC Programming software, make a list of all the conditions.

And get the design using a flowchart, add the required rungs and address. Dedicated programming software comes from PLC hardware of tangible manufacturer that allows access and development of user application code.

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