What to do when an EX Boyfriend doesn’t leave you alone?

Continuing a toxic relation can ruin your mental peace. It is always better to end up,but I know break-ups are hard and it becomes harder when your ex won’t leave you alone.

However, you should take some steps to ensure a better post-breakup life for you. If you are in a mental state where you can’t think what to do, then I am pretty sure this writing will provide you with some ideas.

In the following writing, I am going to discuss some steps you could take when an ex doesn’t leave you alone.

What to do when an EX Boyfriend doesn’t leave you Alone

It can happen with you that your EX isn’t accepting the break-up. In such a case, your ex-partner will do some crazy things such as-

  • Calling or texting you frequently
  • Making commitments to change
  • Blaming you
  • Following you everywhere like at work, friends gathering and so on
  • Trying to convince your close ones
  • Stalking you in social media
  • Blackmailing you
  • Making gestures to win you back
  • Threatening to harm themselves and many more

I have seen lots of cases where an ex-partner has done some really annoying behaviours. So, let’s now know what steps you could take.

Clarify you EX Calmly

If he is not accepting the break-up talk with him calmly and express your feelings elaborately with him, but don’t do this when you are angry. Instead, choose a time when you can talk calmly.

Keep in mind, today or tomorrow he will get the message. Just be patient for a while.

Be Firm and Behave like an Adult

If you are not happy in your relationship, even after several attempts let it go, and when your boyfriend doesn’t want to leave you, stick to your decision and tell him directly.

Such behaviour like an adult will give a strong message to him. Perhaps it will increase his respect for you, and he will understand the situation.

Update your Privacy System and Block them if needed

Update the privacy of your social media and change the password of email, phone, and social media so that he can’t have access to those. Also, if necessary, block them from your mobile and social media platform.

Notify your family and close friends

You should notify your family and friend about your break-up. They can support you in this tough time and can ensure your safety.

Stick to your Boundaries

He can threaten you to harm or kill himself. In such a situation, you can express your care for him but stick to your boundaries. You don’t have to prove anything, in your deep heart you know you care for him.

Remember, threatening to harm him is just another way to control you.

Dealing with Blackmails

If he is blackmailing you such as- to share private pictures of your guys, etc. you should be careful. You should talk with your close ones and with your elder person.

Furthermore, save all those proves of blackmails such as- his messages, voice records, and so on. If he doesn’t stop take help from local support groups’ like- NGOs or other organizations that are helping women to get rid of such abusive relations.

Be Strong

Overall, you have to be strong the whole time. I know the situation is already tough for you to be strong, but it can encourage you to fight the situation and start again with a fresh mind.

Final Words

If you are in an abusive relationship or in a relationship where you find no happiness, it is better to end the relationship. But I have seen many cases where boyfriends don’t want to accept the break-ups and keep doing activities to gain her back.

Hence, I thought to come up with some steps about what to when an ex-boyfriend doesn’t leave you alone, and I believe those upper mentioned steps are quite sensible for such a situation.






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